LaRusss DUI

Tony La Russa getting arrested for his DUI.

(short for Tony LRussas) is a unit of measurement to describe one's state of intoxication.  It is named after former Cardinals manager Tony La Russa, who had a notable drinking problem that led to a DUI arrest.


When intoxicated, one might post, "I am at 1.0 TLRs right now." Generally, 1 TLR is considered mild and 3 TLRs is considered very high, although it is joked that 1 TLR should be considered much higher (TLRs have had some inflation over the years).

TLR'd can also be used as an adjective.  One might say someone who is intoxicated is "TLR'd", or that an event involving a lot of alcohol was "very TLR".

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