MajorPuigBaseball is a commenter on DodgersDigest who joined the community


MajorPuigBaseball's avatar

late in the 2013 season after more than a year of reading the articles and lurking in the

comments. However, he did not begin to comment regularly until the 2014 season. He often makes humorous comments, but is more than willing to talk serious baseball. His opinions on the Dodgers tend to waver between joyous optimism and neurotic worrying. His avatar is a picture of Born to Run-era Bruce Springsteen.

Personal Life Edit

MajorPuigBaseball's real name is Matt, and he was born in 1991. He was born and raised in Los Angeles and is currently spending way too much time getting his degree in US History from George Mason University, en route to hopefully becoming a high school history teacher. He enjoys music (mainly classic and indie rock but with a wide range of other interests), sports (especially baseball and the Dodgers, obviously), art, humor, and food and drinks. He plays the guitar and writes songs.

Trivia Edit

One time he made a joke on twitter about Welcome to Night Vale in reference to a picture from a story Daniel Brim ran about Brandon McCarthy, and Brim liked it and mentioned it on DodgersDigest. MajorPuigBaseball now believes he can die happy because of this.

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