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Hurtin is a former member of the MSTI community who is known for his bizarre, random and nonsensical statements and questions.  He is most famous for his comment The Near Occasion of Sin.  Hurtin's comments frequently overemphasized religion and Christian theology in a way that was percieved as mysogynistic and intrusive to discussion, which resulted in him eventually getting banned.

The General Consensus is that he was a troll.  There is also a less common, dissenting view that he was merely an old man whose beliefs were the product of another generation, and had not learned the proper circumstances or methods for evangelizing on the internet.

Memorable QuotesEdit

  • "People shouldn't sneeze.  It is very dangerous."
  • "Dumping ice [on players after victories] is not necessary.  There are starving children in Africa who would love to suck on that ice."
  • "I feel like I'm in high school some times.   What I said is true.  You won't get skin cancer if you take your skin off."
  • "It was in relation to taking the mammary glands off to avoid pap cancer.  Pap is a word for boob."
  • "If people talk about fornication on a baseball site my conscience dictates that I defend the truth."
  • "Many people on this site relate everything to sex."
  • "You guys are hurting my feelings.  I'm very offended."
  • "I'm crying right now.  This is blogosphere bashing.  What ego I had left is gone."
  • "I just told my mommy and she is going to make catfish stand in the corner for 15 minutes. "
  • "We are moving on to bigger and better things as we shall promptly see, like Bugger Eating, Skid-mark on Underwear Making, Puke Drinking, and Masturbater Pride Month."
  • "I am not technically savvy.  In fact I was recently rebuked for holding a screwdriver the wrong way."
  • "Does anyone have any idea why Kemp repeatedly spits.  Does he produce an excess of saliva, a habit to make him look like he is relaxed and not thinking 'how can I not strike out' or does he simply have difficulty swallowing?  I would be worried about walking on it."
  • "This is serious.  I'm not trying to be stupid.  But do you think Riana put a spell on Matt Kemp (and the Dodgers).  I heard she is into witchcraft.  I am being serious."
  • "I met Lasorda in Don Shula's Restaurant in 1993 BTW.  He was down to earth and friendly.  But I also heard he told an elderly lady who was struggling to get to her seat to "Sit the f down!!"  I guess none of us are perfect."
  • "Don't drink and drive.  Drink THEN drive.  By drink I mean water or something else tame."
  • "I do not know much about animals or holes.  I think I'm allergic to them (the animals that is).  Holes are fine.  No bad jokes!  Stop it!!!"