Kemp yelling "That's fucking bullshit, man" at an umpire.

Fertilizer is the word Vin Scully uses when he wants to say "Bullshit" but cannot due to moral reasons and/or job security.  Another curse-word substitution is Blinking Fertilizer, or "Fucking Bullshit".

Origin and UsageEdit

During the infamous Dodgers/Padres brawl that saw Zack Greinke get his collarbone injured by FYCQ, Matt Kemp yelled at an umpire, "That's fucking bullshit, man."  Vin Scully, wanting to audibly transcribe the words from the conversation to the audience without swearing, said "That's fertilizer!"  The term became popular on MSTI as a way to swear in a way that honors Vin Scully.

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