Now known as Turner_for_Treasury , CofB is an MSTI member whose previous username is a reference to a John Kennedy Toole novel -- which is itself a reference to a Jonathan Swift quote -- which centers around a whimsical character who operates by his own set of bizarre and counterintuitive motivations and rules, believing that everyone else around him is an idiot.

Nl west race

Do they teach Photoshop at the Extension?

It was created in reaction to Don Mattingly's unyielding adherence to sac bunting (among other annoyances), and the subsequent vindication CofB felt when Juancho Uribear failed to bunt and instead hit a game-winning 2-run HR in the '13 NLDS.

Peak Fap Edit

When the Dodgers passed the Gnats for 1st in the NL West in June of '14, after having been prematurely declared out of the race, CofB attained peak fap for one crummy .jpg that took him all afternoon to create. (Submitted here to make that one afternoon seem less misspent.)

He is a fantasy baseball genius -- at least as of this printing, winning all three of his leagues. However, he never drafts Gnats if he can help it, not that any of them don't suck.

Personal Life Edit

Walk Like a Man

Jamey (middle), Bluehair Idol.

CofB's real name is Jamey. He sings for a living, typically for doddering old blue hairs. This work usually takes him to such thrillingly exotic locales as Oroville or Claremont, but also occasionally Hawaii, Aruba, or Mexico. Originally from Iowa, he's lived in LA since 2003, but has followed the Dodgers since his grandpa gave him Hershiser's autobiography Out of the Blue for his 12th birthday.

Jamey also teaches voice, guitar, trumpet and music theory, and still deludes himself with the dream of being a filmmaker. He is engaged to a woman who threw him a Dodgers-themed birthday party, so yeah, she's pretty much the most amazing woman ever.