1. Check to see if the article is already listed in the Table of Contents on the homepage.  If it is not, add it there before writing the article.

(Red articles have not been written yet, but they are listed on the Table of Contents because they should be written in the future.  So if you think of an article that should be written, but don't get around to it, someone else will see it and maybe write it instead.)

2. Click on the article's name on the Table of Contents, and write the article.

3. Add a relevant photo so that there will be a picture associated with the article in the categories menu.  Use the photo button under "Add feature and media" on the right sidebar.

4. Tag the article in relevant categories under the "Categories" tab on the right sidebar.  The categories are listed on the homepage.

5. Hit publish, you're done!  Thank you!

If there are some formatting quirks, don't worry about it, an administrator will get an email any time you edit something and will look over it and fix any issues.