The term "84 wins" originated prior to the 2015 season when a survey was given to the users of Dodgers Digest to guess the win-loss record of the upcoming Dodgers season. The majority of fans gave a projected win record north of 90 due to the recent upgrades to the pitching rotation and the changes made defensively at SS, 2B, and CF.

However, one user, DKD, famous for his persistent and overwhelming attitude along with his dislike of the recent moves made by the new front office team of Friedman and Zaidi, proclaimed that the Dodgers would win only 84 games during the 2015 season. The term is now used to shove the success of the Dodgers in his DK's face, because he totally deserves it.

Rumor has it, the day the Dodger win their 85th game, DK will finally be banned for life.

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