The 2015 MSTY Awards were hosted by Potato. This marked the first year that Drank did not host the MSTYs. Drank is a corporate overlord scum now, and has no time for his friends.


Poster of the Year: Conman

Post of the Year: "If I had a billion dollars, I'd make PFP actually STFU" -efb

Newcomer of the Year: DroogyDodger

GIF of the Year: "Brim's Last Day of Work" by Conman

Photoshop/MSPaint of the Year: "Plaschke Hunt" by Superba

Most Informative Poster: Disgruntled Goat

Least Informative Poster: Disgruntled Goat

Flowchart of the Year: "The Definitive Flowchart" by Potato

Tweet of the Year: "I'm dumb, disregard anything I say" by Dustin Nosler

Best Love Story: Lobo and the Intern

Honorary Mod of the Year: Casey

Comeback Comeback Poster of the Year brought to you by Bud Light Strawberry Chelda: PFP

Wet Blanket of the Year: Lobo

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